The final declaration at the 1st International Symposium against Isolation

December 22nd, 2002

During the Symposium against Isolation, which was held in the Netherlands (Noordwijk) from 19-21 December 2002, that was joined by 55 representatives from Turkey, the Basque Country, Palestine, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Lebanon, Morocco, Peru, France, Austria, Colombia, Portugal, Denmark and the Netherlands, the following decisions were taken…Final declaration
December 19-22 were the days when in the year 2000, 28 prisoners in Turkey were killed in the struggle against isolation.
As almost everywhere else in the world, the intention is to totally isolate the political prisoners in Turkey in order to break and destroy them.

These prisoners have been leading an exemplary fight for more than two years with a Death Fast, the longest hunger strike in history, against state terrorist isolation torture. This struggle has already cost over one hundred lives and still goes on today. Isolation is one of the most extreme forms of repression,
just as disappearances, most particularly in the Arab world and Latin America, torture and murder.

Isolation means of destroying thoughts, especially political thoughts. Isolation is torture, torture is a crime against humanity and this form of torture was initiated by imperialist states, like the USA and the countries of the EU.

We call upon all peoples to fight against all kinds of isolation as part of today’s struggle against oppression and exploitation. That’s why we want to call the days from 19th-22th December worldwide days of action against isolation

We agreed that isolation is harmful in the human and medical sense and is illegitimate. ach person should put the struggle against isolation into practice within his or her own framework.