DHKP-C trial in Belgium

September 18th, 2007

New Round for DHKP-C Trial In  Belgium

AnversThe trial against left militants from Turkey continues in Antwerp. The trial against the Marxist-Leninist movement DHKP-C has been picked up again on September 13th at the Court of Appeal in Antwerp.
On the first day on Thursday, the defendants Musa Asoglu, Bahar Kimyongür, Hasan Ekici and Sükriye Akar were present.

The prosecutor decided additionally to include Hasan Ekici, Zeki Kahraman and Irfan Demirtas in the trial, although they had already been found not guilty twice. However, the judge did not accept the prosecutor’s application, because the prosecutor had not filed a protest against the sentence of the Court of Appeal in Gent and because the people mentioned above had never been defendants in the Gent trial.
The prosecutor, who first rised to speak, said that he wanted to add two files to the hearing of evidence. This shows his further attitude in the trial.
One file concerns the “definition of a criminal organisation” and the “possession of arms”, which the prosecutor claims to be executed according to the new laws.
The other file contains a dossier penned by Belgium’s Intelligence. The “bombing” news in this dossier is one picture, that was taken of Bahar Kimyongür during a visit of the refugee camps Sabra and Shatila. The picture shows Bahar Kimyongür with a bazooka in his hands. For the prosecutor, this is the best evidence ever! This “indication” is enough to demonstrate that Bahar Kimyongür is a “terrorist”.

The first protest set by the lawyer’s during this hearing, was about the hearing dates, which should be launched on Sept. 27th. The lawyers claimed that they had not been involved in the decision process for the dates. They declared, that they have other cases to take care of and asked to shift the dates. The judges, who accepted the lawyser’s protest set the next hearings on September 27th and 28th in order to clear technical questions.
One of these questions is the lawyer’s demand to let this trial proceed at the Criminal Court instead of the Court of Appeal, to leave out Turkey as an accusant from the trial, as well as the limitation of times. After these hearings on September 27th and 28th, the trial will start definitely on November 8th.