The DHKP-C trial in Belgium started again on 8th November

November 16th, 2007

The DHKP-C trial in Belgium started again on 8th November

The trial against the DHKP-C in Belgium already continues for years. After the cassassation court in Brussels annullated all previous decisions, the trial started again at the court of appeal in Anvers on the 8th of November. The decision on place and type of court was taken on 26th of October.

Before the start of the trial on 8th November, the Committee for the Freedom of Expression and Association (CLEA), organized an action in front of the court, where the people opened banners and held speeches to show their solidarity. CLEA has called for participation in the trial under the slogan “Bahar, Kaya, Musa and Sükriye, are neither criminals nor terrorists”.There gathered around 50 people in front of the court. The first trial day ended at around 5.00 p.m. During the first day the judge questioned the defendants Musa Aşoğlu, Şükriye Akar, Kaya Saz and Bahar Kimyongür.

On Friday, 9th November, the trial started at 9.00 am. Federal Prosecutor Johan Delmulle and the lawyer for the Turkish state, that is plaintiff in this trial, Kris Vincke, presented their accusations.

On Monday, 12th November, the trial continued with statements of defense. From the defendants there were present Musa Asoglu, Bahar Kimyongür and Sükriye Akar. Their lawyers Jan Fermon, Nadia Lorenzetti and Carl Alexander, as well as the lawyers of the absent defendants, held their pleading. The lawyers mainly proved wrong the accusations of the state prosecutor and they underlined that the Belgian justice shouldn’t be in charge regarding a conflict continuing in Turkey. Lawyer Jan Fermon as well marked, that the Belgian justice shouldn’t take a decision influenced by partial researches and accusations. Accompanied by a video on a large screen, which showed the struggle of the DHKC at different areas in Turkey, lawyer Ties Prakken explained that the organisation was a people’s movement.


The defense of the lawyers continued as well on the 13th of November.

During the trial on 14th November, lawyers Jan Fermon and Carl Alexander, responded to the accusations of the state prosecution towards the DHKC Information Bureau. The lawyers said, that the office has always carried its activities in a democratic framework and that in 2004, Justice Minister Onkelinx has even responded to an inquiry at the senate, that the mentioned bureau was carrying out democratic activities according to its constitutional rights.

The trial is expected to continue until Tuesday, the 20th of November.