Statement of the ‘Free Prisoners Association’ based in Iraq

December 23rd, 2007

Dear Iraqi people Karim
All humanitarian organizations in the world in respect of the laws
Dear Free World

Over Tuesday and Wednesday, 25 and 26 of September two TV channel East and Baghdad offered to meet customer Tariq Hashimi with hundreds of young people in the prisons of the occupation and the government was seen as the proxy solution of their torture, rape, starvation and the illegality of detention that affected them, they do not know why the arrested? 
The random based on the government directives and sectarian parties scattered throughout the country’s governorates and without any legal justification or any legal guarantees to ensure the prisoner the right to defend himself and the enjoyment of rights guaranteed by legislation Iraqi and international human rights principles, and without stimulating the competent courts, and many of them did not have before judge months ago, to overcome serious human rights and in particular children and juveniles.

The Association of prisoners freedom confirm that the arrests taking place now and in the past were not based on any legal text, but the desire and decision occupation forces and the government client and heads of political blocs, and we hold them extra full for all the material and moral damage suffered by detainees as little extra to the war criminal Bush and senior administration and its leaders and its forces, and calls upon the movement of all humanitarian organizations and human rights to intervene to save those detainees who exercised their right harshest types of torture, coupled with hatred and hatred for the people of Iraq and the Bush government employment to know that what they and they are doing now and in the future will not go unpunished fact that these methods brought to the world lies in the field of war crimes and flagrant violations of human rights and we are confident that they otherwise just reward both at the hands of the brave heroes of national resistance or legal and constitutional courts just after liberation feast directly and lived heroes of Iraqi Persons in occupation prisons and government client

Long live the Iraqi national resistance and suffering people lived victory for Iraq .

Prisoners Association Freedom