Statement of support and solidarity with the Iraqi labor movement

September 18th, 2007

In the face of the law of the oil, gas and the face of the occupation

Preparing unions and labor councils all Iraqi professional and political orientation to the implementation of a comprehensive strike would cut oil export to the oldest, “Iraqi parliament” to pass an “Act of oil and gas” to meet the interests of America and the American administration pressure and the continuing occupation armies.

That means, in practice, devoting results occupation and achieve its objectives in the invasion and destruction of Iraq and the state of society and future wealth.
The free people of Iraq and the Arab nation and the free trade unions and public opinion, which stood with the people of Iraq in all stages demands today to renew the traditions of solidarity and Nasra effective for this people and the oppressed and resistance fighter valiantly to expel the occupiers and liberated them from Rkazem local proxy, and to prevent the legalization of mortgage and sale of oil wealth in Iraq to corporate monopoly of America and the Western States participating in the invasion and occupation of Iraq.
The Iraqi trade union movement and the forces behind our national, including factions of the National Action resistance, in all its forms, endorse the feet of Iraqi workers on the face of the occupation and abuse and systematic looting of the destruction of Iraq .
Pursuing free Iraq and the whole world stages debate rages around oil and gas law and rejected by all the faithful to the home after Merrth Maliki proxy government in heedless of time. After numerous symposiums, data and sit-ins at government’s ratification of the Iraqi law against the suspension of trade union activity in the oil sector by oil minister in the government of occupation third Hussein Shahrastani. Unite national position overall behind Iraqi oil workers in Iraq to go away in a national unity blessing in this confrontation national and using all possible methods, including the right to resort to peaceful strike and spare veins energy halt oil exports as a radical and effective warning to confront the occupation and accessories schemes in the government and Parliament the Green Zone American fruits of the invasion of Iraq.
All are invited today, and without delay to Nasra real and effective solidarity with the workers of Iraq and the people of Iraq in one of the battles in the national and national determination.
First call the General Union of Algerian Workers and other unions Arab and international position to declare solidarity with the workers of Iraq in their battle for the liberation of oil wealth and an end to the looting and destruction of Iraq . Especially since Algeria buried aspirations exploited to pass a similar law provided the best model for the triumph of the national will in the liberation of the national wealth and preservation of the secretariat for generations.
We declare our unconditional with the Front against the law of oil and gas in Iraq and the Iraqi working class struggle in the battle for the protection of national wealth and liberalization.
In order to facilitate information and communication together, and those concerned to provide what we have from the givens and addresses and information about the course of events for networking and victory in the battle of the Iraqi people for liberation.
A. D. Abd Al-Kazim’s Shrine Aboudi

Important telephone contact when necessary For further information:
Subhi Al-Badri Prime front against Iraqi oil and gas law
Personal mobile phone 009647901307255
Location Bar Basra oil workers union: