Rights groups attacking U.S. forces detained children in Iraq

May 28th, 2008

Baghdad May 22 May

(Reuters) - Human rights group said Wednesday that hundreds of Iraqi children detained by U.S. forces in Iraq must be immediately contacted lawyers to allow them to review their cases independent judicial body. The group Human Rights Watch that U.S. military authorities have detained 513 Iraqi children from May 12 until May as an urgent notice on security. She added that since the U.S. invasion in March was detained in March 2003 the United States in 2400 children under the age of ten of them in Iraq until the young age of ten.
The rights groups that prisoners of children being interrogated sometimes for days or weeks at the hands of military units in the field before being sent to detention centers and the main they do not have a real chance to challenge custody. She said Clarissa Incomati researcher at Human Rights Watch.
The overwhelming majority of these children are detained in Iraq have been suffering months in U.S. military custody. She added, the United States must give these children access to legal councel and review immediately remanded in custody by an independent judicial body. Directed Human Rights Watch these criticisms day before the meeting of the UN Commission on the Rights of the Child in Geneva to review the submission to the United States an international treaty on children in areas of armed conflict. The treaty obliges States to help recover children who are under their control. In response to Human Rights Watch U.S. military spokesman said that the U.S. forces currently hold fewer than 500 children in Iraq. He said Major Matthew Morgan spokesman for U.S. detention camps in Iraq, said that young defendants under Iraqi law to receive legal advice. He added who are not referred to the Iraqi criminal courts do not have access to legal advice because they were accused of the. He said that all the detainees their cases reviewed by independent lawyers within seven days. After an initial review of the issues of child custody under review every 120 days. On Tuesday accused the American ambassador to the United Nations Zalmay Khalilzad Iraqi militants use children to attack government forces and the coalition powers to the detriment of the detained. She urged the Human Rights Watch United States to release any children in detention more than a year ago and the separation of young children and other vulnerable children from the rest of the prisoners and to allow observers from the United Nations and independent bodies to control access to the secret imprisonment of children in American forces. The military spokesman said that no young men now in U.S. custody Cheshin detained more than a year ago and that children were locked in isolation from adults.