Final declaration of the 11th International Symposium against Isolation

March 6th, 2014

The order of the enumeration has nothing to do with the importance of the subjects. We just followed the order of the panels.

1- ) We condemn the trial against the lawyers of the CHD in Turkey and the worldwide increasing repression against lawyers in general.

This trial just aims to stop government-critical work and the fight for human rights.

This trial is an attack on the rights of the defends. We defend the right of defence.

Further we appreciate the solidarity among the lawyers. We hope this will be an example for the bar associations and lawyers around the world.


2- ) We demand to stop the repression against art and artists.

In Turkey there’s big repression against Group Yorum. Raids, prohibition of concerts, bans against group members leaving the country and detentions.

We are supporting the struggle of Grup Yorum and appreciate the foundation of the “Art Parliament“, created by artists, singers and actors in Turkey.

This could be a role model for more art parliaments to be created around the world.


3- ) Gentrification is a problem worldwide.

Especially in the so called third world countries this is a project, to flog urban public places and populated areas of the poor residents to imperialist and local monopolies.

Poor residents are displaced forcefully to outskirts, which is violating their right of accommodation.

To avoid social battles, government is especially spreading drugs, alcohol and prostitution. We are defending the right of resistance of the people to keep their living spaces.


4- ) Under the pretext of security and fight against terrorism, secret services as NSA are spying on people

This is a massive intervention in the privacy of the people. We are condemning this attack on our privacy and demand to stop this immediately.


5- ) We salute the uprising that accrued in June 2013 in Turkey. People expressed their anger and discontent with the existing rules.

People in Turkey overcame their fear and learned to resist bravely.


6- ) Occupy Frankfurt defines themselves and the resistance in the “heart of the European crisis regime”.

It is an interesting approach of mobilizing and conscientize the people against imperialist forces.


7- ) Kazova is the first occupied and self-managed factory in Turkey. There´s no boss and no exploitation. Kazova is vital socialism in the middle of capitalism. Kazova shows us how another world is possible.

Further they aim to offer high quality products for a low budget.

We support this project and wish it will be a good example for further factory occupations.


8- ) We fully support the projects of the architects and engineers of the people.


    - People´s garden. This is an approach to refuse the food politics of imperialism. The people don´t have to eat genetically modified food. The peasant’s don´t have to use seed, which will be imposed by imperialist monopoles.


    - Project of generating our own energy. Energy providers try to exploit the people. In the poor district of Istanbul Kücükarmutlu the architects and engineers of the people started a pilot project.


    - The architects and engineers of the people will buy a caravan to be present, where ever there’s a need for them. For example in the Black Sea, where government is currently destroying the nature with hydro electrical centrals.


9- ) We condemn the imperialist forces and their allies, first of all the USA, Turkey, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Qatar for supporting, financing and co-operating with terrorist organisations like El-Nusra and other mercenaries and sectarian groups, who carry out targeted massacres on innocent people in Syria.

We condemn El-Nusra for their targeted massacres on Alevites.

We condemn the NATO and its worldwide military aggression and crimes against the people.


10- ) We call on the French authorities to immediately release Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

According to French law he should be free for more than 10 years.


11- ) We oppose the Great Middle East Project. It is a project to intervene and enslave the people of Middle East, Balkans and Africa to imperialism.


12- ) We feel deep sorrow for the severe loss of the people in the Philippines by the Haiyan.

We condemn the attempt of USA to make profit of this disaster.


13- ) Lampedusa is a watchword, which raised awareness of the brutal migration politics of the EU.

Frontex is the name of the common EU border control agency- a sort of modern man hunter.

We condemn the practice of Frontex.

We demand they immediately stop their operation and abolishment of Frontex.

With Frontex and their violently practice EU is violating European human rights conventions and the Geneva Convention.

EU, USA, imperialism is responsible for the disaster, poverty and civil war in Africa.

You cannot create such miserable and seal the borders hermetically.


14- ) Bring Mumia home- we demand the release of Mumia Abu Jamal, Leonad Peltier, the still detained of the Cuban 5, Puerto Rican independence fighter Oscar Lopez Rivera and other long-term prisoners and political prisoners worldwide.


15- ) We condemn the brutal massacre in 20 prisons in Turkey on 19th December 2000.

28 prisoners were massacred cruelly.

We never forget the prisoners, who lost their live.

Turkey, in co-operation with EU wanted to make an example. This was a warning to all “Free Political Prisoners” in the world.

We will make an example of solidarity and proof how disgraceful and failed attempt this was.

We declare the 19th December to the day OF STRUGGLE AGAINST ISOLATION.


16- ) We are supporting the right of self-determination of the Irish people.

It is also the struggle for bread, justice and freedom.


17- ) We support the long march of Baloch families against enforced disappearances from Quetta to Islamabad. Further we urge Pakistan and Iran to stop Baloch genocide


18- ) We demand to stop immediately the murders on lawyers like in Colombia or Philippines.

The repression against lawyers, may it be in Colombia, in the Philippines, the Basque country, in Turkey or elsewhere, has to stop. We mustn’t allow that defence of politically unpleasant persons is made impossible.

As well the criminalization and prosecution of the popular and peasant’s leaders and social movements, specially Marcha Patriotica and Union Patriotica in Colombia has to be stopped.


19- ) Abolish so called anti-terror laws, which are taken the terror list of USA (and EU- but that´s actually a copy-paste of the US-terror list) as a basis and just serving as an instrument for suppressing people´s struggle for freedom, independence and justice.

The anti-terror list of Germany 129 a+b and of UK (terrorism act 2000) must be emphasized.

These are often used to criminalize migrants and minorities.

We demand to abolish the so called anti-terror lists.


20- ) In Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez was brought to power by the USA. We condemn the puppets of USA. There is no democracy in Honduras currently. We support the demand of the Honduran people for freedom and independence. And so we do for the Colombian people.


21- ) We condemn the latest recent attempt of reactionary fascist forces in Venezuela in collaboration with and supported by imperialism, trying another time to destabilize Venezuela and attacking its progressive government by the use of violence and medial propaganda lies.


22- ) We demand the immediate release of long time anti-war activist Margaretta D’Arcy from prison in Dublin, Ireland. She took peaceful direct action, lying on the runway to stop the violation of Irish neutrality by US military planes, which stop over at Shannon Airport. Over 2 million US troops have been processed through Shannon Airport since 2006. Margaretta is 79 years of age and undergoing treatment for cancer and Parkinson’s disease.