DHKP-C trial in Belgium was started for the 4th time: Decision 14th July 2009!

May 27th, 2009



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View videos related to the trial to get information on the following questions:

 1. Qui est réellement Bahar Kimyongür ? (Who is Bahar Kimyongur?)

2. Est-il le chef du DHKP-C ? (Is he the chief of the DHKP-C?)

3. La Turquie est-elle un Etat démocratique ? (Is Turkey a democratic state?)

4. Le DHKP-C est-il un groupe terroriste ? (Is the DHKP-C a terrorist group?)

5. Résistance ou terrorisme ? (Resistance or terrorism?)

6. Le verdict du 14 juillet sera le baromètre de la démocratie belge ! (The decision of 14th July will be the barometre for democracy in Belgium!)

On Monday, the 25th of May 2009, the trial against presumed members of the DHKP-C, a Marxist-Leninist movement from

Turkey in Belgium, started for the 4th time. This trial, which already continues for 10 years, was mentioned as most complex

and controversal trial. The first session in this reopened trial began at the palace of justice in Brussels at 9.00 a.m.  

Prior to the hearing there was held a manifestation after a call by CLEA. Around 180 people joined the action with the banners “Resistance is not a Crime” and “People’s Front”.

In his statement, the spokesman of CLEA (Committee for the Freedom of Expression and Association), Daniel Flinker, aimed at the anti-terror-legislation. Among the participants there were also senator of the Green Party Ecolo, Jusy Dubie, the Belgian writer Gérard de Sélys, senator Jean Cornil from the Socialist Party and the FGTB trade union leader Stefan Gallon.On the other side, the trial was observed by the ambassador of Turkey in Brussels, Fuat Tanlay and the counselor of the Turkish embassy, Can Incesu. Ambassador Fuat Tanlay declared: “Turkey is one of the parties in this trial. This is why we are here and we will follow this trial until the end”. The severe security measurements, identification checks and limitation of observers to the trial led to dispute. Following the insistence of the lawyers, judge Antoon Boyens ordered the end of identification checks and ensured people to enter the court room. During the hearing, which continued for the whole day, the lawyers of the defendants, Ties Prakken, Carl Alexander, Paul Bekaert, Jan Fermon, Raf Jespers and Nadia Lorenzetti were present. As well the lawyer Kris Vincke, who represents the Turkish state and Federal Prosecutor Johan Delmulle were present in the trial. Further, two of the defendants, Musa Asoglu and Bahar Kimyongür joined the hearing. Judge Boyens announced, that the hearings will continue without interruption and the decision has to be expected after the judicial holiday, in autumn.

See a video of the first trial on Libre News:§ion=video&vid=239