Call for release of Mustafa Atalay

November 17th, 2008

mustafa.jpgFor the release of Mustafa Atalay

Mustafa Atalay is one of the five accused in the §129b trail in front of the higher regional court in Stuttgart. „I`m a journalist and a socialist- no terrorist.“ was his response to the charge of membership in a foreign terroristic organisation.Mustafa Atalay is 52 years old and lives in

germany since 2000 as a political refugee. Since november 2006 he is non- stop in detention awaiting trail. Most of the time he was isolated and he has a strict special conditions arrest.Mustafa Atalay is suffering from a heart condition. 2006 he had an infarct. He had a bypass-surgery in which he got three new bypasses. He was arrested out of hospital.  Two bypasses are occluded again. During the imprisonment more cardiac-surgeries would have been necessary. He takes 8 till 10 drugs because of cardiac and circulation problems and other diseases.Mustafa Atalay was in turkish prisons for over 15 years. He was tortured and suffers from bodily diseases now. An expert who was called by the court made out a stress disorder. Mustafa has to be released now!Signatures are very welcome and can be sent to

via e-mail or to

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