A call for the international resistance days in Lebanon

June 1st, 2007

Solidarity with Lebanon and the Al-Aqsa Intifada and to end the occupation of Iraq and Palestine and Somalia

A call for the international resistance days

A call to the nation, to the country and to the Arab and allworlds and Communities and to all free nations…

Join us in the anti-American and Zionist hegemony international meeting

Seminar cultural humanitarian, political, socio economic environment

The initiative to set up the first movement of Arab anti-globalization adopt the line of thinking and the culture of resistance and a constitution And the university of popular resistance against global aggression and occupation
DEBATES meaningful dialogue workshops producing a clear vision of common goals, share experiences partners in the victory and confrontation
And broad participation of various intellectual trends and the need to address the political faith of the American and Zionist hegemony of the world

No to US-hegemony! Not to Zionism!
No to imperialist globalization! For Peace and International Solidarity!

Based on the “Beirut Resistance Call” we are asking all peace loving people from the Arab World, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America and Latin America to join us for the first “Arab International Beirut Social Forum” from the 12th to the 14th of July in Beirut (Lebanon).
This initiative is aimed at setting up the first Arab anti-globalization movement and therefore adopts a line of thinking and a culture of resistance and laying the base for a University of Popular Resistance against global aggression and occupation. It does it through debates and meaningful dialogue workshops producing a clear vision of common goals, exchanging experiences and sharing common objectives in the victories and confrontation. The broadest possible participation of various intellectual trends, researcher, activists, resistance movement, grass root organizations, anti-globalization and anti-imperialist movements, peace activists, humanitarian workers, representatives of international solidarity movements and prominent personalities as internationally known symbols for peace, international understanding, solidarity and resistance will guarantee our objectives.
The USA and Israel are the worst offenders. They do not have any moral standing anymore - if they ever had one. Their genocidal murdering of innocent people, women, children and elderly is a crime against humanity under the flag of the “international campaign against terror”. In fact the USA, Israel and the other imperialist powers are the real terrorist of the world! But they will and are already facing more and more resistance. In fact the resistance against imperialist globalization and its anti-human, disastrous effects, against US-hegemony and the so called “New World Order”, against Zionism, imperialism and imperialist occupation is growing in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, Venezuela, Cuba, the Philippines, Zimbabwe, Congo, even in the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, North and Latin America - in every corner of the world. Our meeting in July in Lebanon, the country of victorious resistance against Zionism and imperialism, will therefore also be a united call of action and solidarity with all the growing resistance in the world! Let us stand up for the rights of the peoples! Let us demonstrate to the world our unity and our will for action! We shall overcome! United we will achieve a world of peace, solidarity, justice and solidarity!
Join us in Beirut from the 12th to the 14th of July. Our first “Arab International Beirut Social Forum” will be a venue for the coordination of joint activities and joint actions, exchanging our views and experiences, analyzing all aspects of the imperialist, Zionist so called “New World Order”, presenting the different experiences of resistance, sharing our common vision for a better world, free of imperialist globalization, occupations, Zionism and all forms of racism, exploitation, cultural imperialism aimed at destroying national cultures and traditions, imperialist and Zionist media disinformation, US-hegemony over the whole world. Please send us your proposals for workshops, common actions and presentations of your resistance!
Enroll your participation and present you proposals directly via: Arab International Beirut Social Forum

International Coordination and Preparation Committee

see you ALL in July in Beirut!

Our work is for the SEEK of:
- Palestine and Iraq, - for the seek of the resistance and intifada- Until the rising of the sun of freedom and independence

Relying on the above principles, you are called and invited to participate in the  initiative to set up the first movement of Arab anti-globalization adopt the line of thinking and the culture of resistance and a constitution And the University of popular resistance against global aggression and occupation
in order to practice the undoubted popular legitimacy union of the freedom fighters and friendly institutions and communities in all over the world:
Every person, every personality, every union, every institution and group, every political, cultural and parliamentary power and syndicate, everyone who’s contribution enrich the international call.

Our meeting in Beirut around these goals and fixed principles will create a new challenge to make the correction of way and to stop the retrogression of our nation and people and to create the practical tools to defend its existence and rights.
We are all invited to meet and support the Palestinian and Iraqi People!

Place: Lebanon capital town Beirut\UNESCO PALACE
Date: Thursday and Friday and Saturday 12\13\14\July 2007
Nota Bene: Details about the sessions and other details will be published

The congress puts a special value in the working sessions. These are to be prepared before the beginning of the congress, be held open to the contributors in the days of the congress and they are to be pursued after the congress. These sessions will be organized in special open committees that are to remain as permanent committees:

1)  Committee of self-critique 2) Committee of support to the resistance 3) Political committee 4) Committee of offending Zionism and globalisation 5) Committee of judgement of criminals of war 6)  Information and cultural committee  7)  Committee for human rights, detainees and captured 8)  Committee for the refugees and expellees 9)  Committee for external relations 10)  Committee for the approaching of ideologies and ideas 11)   Committee for economic affairs 12)    Committee for youth and students 13)   Committee for women circles 14)   Committee for documentation, statistics and data bank   15) Committee for constitutional and juristic affairs

Conditions for the participation at the congress
Every Arab, Muslim and European or American or African and Asian citizen is able to take part and attend the sessions and events of the congress under the condition of holding the following principles:
1)  Refusal of recognition of any occupation or violation to any part of the country in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon or any other occupied and violated territory in the whole Arab world.
2)  Refusal of any kind of collaboration or cooperation with the American-British- Zionist forces of occupation and violation and their related military, political and institutional forces and establishments.
3)  The Iraqi resistance movement is the true representative of the Iraqi people. It has the legitimacy to use all legitimate means to oppose the conquering and occupying American forces and their allies and their lackey collaborating “governmental council” that does not represent the will of the Iraqi people,
4)  The Palestinian and Iraqi resistance as well the forces of opposition to occupation, they are performing a legitimate, holy and principal duty.
5)  The participant has to participate to at least one of the working committees.
6)  Refusal of making division on the basis of religious confessions; refusal of the infiltration of political or ideological line that may try to dictate foreign, hegemony interests under the pretext of peace, living together, democratic reforms or foreign culture.
7)   Refusal of separation between the resistance movement in Palestine and Iraq or any other Arab country. Our country is one, our occupiers are one and our resistance is one.
8)  Total support for the unity of the Arab and Islamic unions and institutions in abroad. This goal has superiority over any other interest.
9)  Payment of the participation fee: a. Arab and Islamic countries 50 € b. European and American and Asian countries 75 €
African 25 €   c. Lebanon 15 € d. Other countries 25 €
All the fees are to be paid in advance on the special congressional account beginning on 1 June 2007
The general discussion topics
The general discussion topics are distributed on the following subjects:
a) Patriotic and national affairs b) Immigration affairs and the so-called anti-terror laws c) Role of the international and human institutions and organisations in the support of the Palestinian and Iraqi people
Beside this there will be also specialized sessions for experts and specialized skills to deal with the following topics:
a)  Historic memory and the kernel of the struggle against occupation of land and violation of rights b) Role of information and media in the support of the resistance and in the opposition to the propaganda of globalisation and in the definition of real terror  c) Zionist precisions, the outlines of anti-Semitism and the real victims
Important information
-  At the opening of the congress there will be a reception event to welcome all the participants of the congress. We plan to present some high-ranking international guests and to have some traditional, folkloric presentations.
-  The reception of the participants at the sessions and committees will be started at the respective times of these activities, before and during the congress time.
-  We are in negotiation with some hotels to provide the participants with good and discounted lodging. Also we have the possibility to lodge some participants in private families of the Lebanese’s party’s members for persons who wish to. In this case we need your early notification through the organizational committee until 20-th June 2007.
-  Also we will inform you over our homepage www.lebanonview. com about special discounted air travel offers.
-  All participants from outside Germany will be free of the entrance fees and free from the fees of the events.
-  All propositions are welcomed until 10-Th June 2007.
-  Every participant is responsible for getting his entrance visa, if afforded. The organizational committee will assist these efforts if requested and as far as possible. This is to be planned and done through before 15-th June 2007.

As well as by direct electronic mail to all interested participants and to the regional and international mass media.

Electronic mail is to be sent to the general coordinator: lccresistance@ lebanonview. com
Preparation bureaus: Fax: 009611368238 Tel: 009613858055
E-mail contact addresses: lccPress@Yahoo. com  lccPress@LebanonVie

The Beirut international call is the result of a common freedom fighters effort of struggle; it is in the ownership of our parents and people. Your contribution, your support and not the last your financial contribution to cover the high expenses of the global demonstrations are the expression of your commitment to the right of struggle and progress. For financial contributions please refer to the coordination addresses mentioned above.
Done by the general preparation committee