5 Cuban Antiterrorists in US politic jail since 10 years

September 12th, 2008

cuban5.JPGSince 1959 when the revolution captured victory against the Batista-Regime the USA together with terrorist organisations of exile Cubans in Miami, struggles in diplomatic, economic and media warfare against Cuba.This is accompanied by acts of sabotage and terror which took the lives of 3.478 Cubans up until now. US President G.W. Bush declared Cuba as a rogue nation which is compromising

USA’s safety and supports international terror.

  For early recovery and disclosure of terrorist acts against

Cuba, the 5 Cuban patriots undercut counterrevolutionary organisations of exile Cubans. Thus, they assured evidence about planned acts of terrorism. At least 170 attacks on Cuban institutions and personalities could be prevented that way.   The Cuban government sent this material to the FBI and the US American media in 1998 in order to prevent further attacks. It was expected that the US authorities would proceed against the terror organisations in

Miami. But the Bush-Regime, self-proclaimed force against terrerorism, did not approach against the Miami-Terrorists. Instead they arrested the 5 Cuban Antiterrorists on the 12th of September in 1998 and staged a process against them. In December 2001 the 5 Cubans got sentenced to long lasting imprisonments on crimes they did not commit. They were found guilty of “conspiracy and espionage” and accordingly “conspiracy on murder”:Gerardo Hernandez 2x lifelong plus 15 yearsRamon Labanino lifelong plus 18 yearsAntonio Guerriero lifelong plus 10 yearsFernando Gonzalez 19 yearsRene Gonzalez 15 years  On the 5th of June in 2008 the federal judges confirmed the convictions of Gerardo Hernandez and Rene Gonzalez in the second appealment in

Atlanta. The penalties of the other 3 Cubans had been declined to the court in

Miami in order to build a new conviction. What we know: in

Miami’s the Contras are in authority.

  “Komitee-Austria FREE THE FIVE” will advert to this judiciary scandal as long as justice will befall the 5 Antiterrorists and they will be set free. We appeal to the governments and parliaments of the EU Member States and to the European Union to protest against these disgraceful convictions: human rights and justice are indivisible; this must also apply for the Institutions of the

  Kontakt: Komitee-Austria “FREE THE FIVE”,