June 12th, 2007


Isolation is a method to bring about surrender through isolating the target. Historically, the item isolation has been used in relation to prisons and captivity.
Those who were arrested for political reasons were designated Political Prisoners due to their special position, and their condition attained a certain status.
Although the item Political Prisoner is essentially used all over the world, every place has its own content and meaning.
When the words prison and imprisoned are brought together, the items crime and punishment automatically come onto the agenda.
In the whole world, crime and punishment have common universal meanings. In general, the word crime is expression for the totality of illegitimate attacks against people and societies in all countries. It includes actions like murder, injury, theft, fraud, rape, assault and robbery.
These are universal crimes and each person, society, institution and state accepts them as crimes. Each country has made its laws in order to prevent and punish these crimes in the name of justice.
The only difference as regards the punishment is the level of penalties, which depends on the special situation of each single country.
As the item which is accepted as political crime doesn’t represent any universal meaning, actions under this scope are punished in some places, while they are part of values esteemed elsewhere.
What it really contains is any kind of idealistic and activist intervention in life aiming at justice, independence and democracy of the people against the oppression and exploitation of the ruling classes, in places where rights and freedoms are restricted by law. Political crimes are essentially a natural mechanism for self-protection of the oppressed people and classes. These actions treated as a crime are legitimate and right. Today the scope of political crime was extended. In the past, the actions of persons and organisations with a revolutionary character were assessed in this scope. And while this was essentially a characteristic of repressive countries ruled by fascist regimes, today there were included as well the demands and attitudes of peoples and states who have problems with the unipolar world system.
Also, the isolation policy against the political prisoners was extended by adapting it to a change in the interpretation of political crime and the accusation of it. While against political prisoners a policy of isolation cells is applied, attempts are made to make “unsuitable” people and states surrender through war, embargos and occupation supported by censorship and disinformation, and to enslave them by taking away their rights.
Today, the politics of isolation prisons, censorship, embargos, war and occupation intermesh with one other and have turned into a totality of imperialist policy, serving the same aim.


To make political prisoner surrender means to make political opposition surrender. That’s why, wherever imperialism is in power, the same isolation programmes are used.
In periods in which socialism was strong, there were two sorts of prisons. In the colonialist and neo-colonialist countries, attempts were made to make opposition forces in the prisons surrender through torture, massacres and brutality. On the other hand, in the imperialist countries itself, the policy of making prisoners surrender went through a long development period and isolation cells called “white torture” were used.
In the period after the socialist bloc collapsed, the isolation cells of the EU and the USA were taken as a basis all over the world and were used to change the colonial prisons which were based on torture and massacres.
The effectiveness of “white torture” in the prisons of the EU and USA was directly tested and proven. In the USA, results were achieved through isolation, censorship and demagogy against communists and the Afro-Americans, and they were able to marginalise the people’s movements.
Above all in Europe, first of all radical, revolutionary forces could be pacified as a result of the same methods. Isolation applications in countries like Italy and Germany forced these movements to political capitulation and were successful.
During periods when the socialist bloc was strong, in almost all neo-colonialist countries fascist juntas and apparently parliamentary leaderships followed one after the other, depending on perceived needs.
The prisons in these countries were mainly military prisons, and traditional dungeons. Because of the great number of revolutionary opposition forces, the governments there couldn’t establish isolation prisons similar to the Western countries. Furthermore, because the danger of a revolution was much more concrete in these countries and because the collaborating fascist leaderships carried out politics aiming at direct annihilation, these prisons were functioned into concentration camps.
After the socialist movement fell back all over the world, there were changes in the prison politics - although not essentially - and it was started to use common “tredman” (Turkish: “treatment”) methods in the Western and neo-colonial countries, aiming to bring about the surrender of the prisoners.

The isolation cells, which were successful in Europe and in the USA, were put into practice in Turkey, where the anti-fascist and anti-imperialist struggle was on a high level and the socialist ideology couldn’t be broken. At the same time it fulfils the task of the laboratory, in which “tredman” was applied to make the prisoners surrender by its architecture, functioning and regime.
A success for the F-Type prisons in Turkey would mean that these isolation cells will be applied in all neo-colonial countries. And already experiments with isolation prisons have started in Chile and other countries. The biggest hindrance before to making the F-types an example to the whole world is the resistance in these prisons. As a result of the resistance which is developing parallel to the Death Fast in Turkey, the imperialists couldn’t reach their aim in spite of all isolation (“tredman”). In this sense, the F-Types aren’t just a problem of the people in Turkey. They are the matter of all the peoples and working classes in the world who demand independence and democracy. If the F-Types are successful in Turkey, they will become an imperialist product exported to the whole world. The character of the resistance against isolation on the axis of the Death Fast, continuing for six years, is not national, it is universal. The continuation of this prison resistance for such a long period, the longest-term prison resistance ever seen, is a great achievement for the entire people and the oppressed classes.
In other words, if there had been been no previous capitulation to isolation politics in Italy, in the “White Cells” and at the Stammheim prison in Germany, it might have been possible to push back the F-Type prisons in Turkey without giving 122 deaths and 600 handicapped.
Today, the price of the struggle against F-Type prisons in Turkey and the long period of resistance might be assessed as very great. But if the F-Types are not prevented in Turkey, the entire people will have to pay a much higher price than this or they will have to accept capitulation from the beginning.
Therefore the support for the struggle against F-Type prisons cannot only be discussed in the framework of international solidarity. The prevention of the F-Type prisons will also prevent these prisons from being exported to other countries. So it is the duty of everyone, every institution and organisation and even of every country opposed to the fascist-imperialist politics, to share in the resistance to F-Type prisons.

The first aim of “white cells”, high security prisons and F-Type prisons is to make opposition persons and organisations surrender through isolation, and parallel to it, acting as a threat to those who carry any potential to rebel against the system.
To the extent this aim is realised, the isolation prisons should be turned into sources of slave labour for the monopolies, in order to be able to extend this expensive programme.
This method that was used in the Nazi camps during the second imperialist war is also used today.
The first concrete example in this context was put into practice in the USA. In the USA there are two million prisoners, the majority of whom are black and Latino.
This means at the same time two million slave labourers. The privatisation of the prisons also means to put this policy into effect in the service of the monopolies.
For example, there are five different prisons in a small US town called Starke. The sole source of income of that town is these prisons. The whole production is dependent on the slave labour of thousands of prisoners in these prisons. These prisons are more like centres of production.
The production of the prisoners in these US-industrial prisons alone brings in an annual income of 40 billion dollars. This number alone is enough to give clues to why this policy exists. Also, Nazi Germany could succeed in creating a great force for annihilation that soaked the world in blood, through exploiting labour in the concentration camps.
The Nazi camps in Germany, the industrial prisons in the USA will not remain isolated examples.
The isolation cells which are fully developed with the F-Type prisons in Turkey and are meant to be an example to the whole world, have reached a new stage today. The isolation complex which was recently constructed in Ankara/Sincan and called L-Type, is an F-Type isolation prison in its nature and was established as an industrial complex, in which the forced labour will be primarily used as “tredman”.
The Sincan L-Type prison is a complex consisting of five different structures, including a penitentiary for female and social prisoners, a prison and a prison for juveniles.
The prison was opened with a decree that aims to force prisoners to labour in order to meet daily needs and general needs like electricity or water.
In order to satisfy the greed of the monopolies, it is being attempted - as in the USA - to turn criminal-social offences in Turkey, which result from exploitation, into severe crimes accompanied by new laws. For example most cases of theft are being treated as robbery and punished with prison sentence of tens of years. In that way again poor sections of the people are made into potential slave or cheap labour. The best example for that is the USA.
In the USA, as result of the justice system, those who have money don’t remain in prison.
Ahead of the fact, that being poor or not white automatically leads to a higher prison sentence, the number of poor prisoners is also artificially increased through the effect of having increased prison sentences with disciplinary punishments appropriate to the penitentiary law.
In that sense, the prisons are starting to have characteristics, different from those in the past or those in the consciousness of the people, and different from being places involving crime and punishment.
Although there’s a different kind of practice used, the aim is to run modern concentration camps.

The politics of isolation prisons towards the prisoners; black lists and anti-terror laws towards organisations, embargo-war-occupation politics towards the people are proof that this is the nature of imperialism and its recent politics.
Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and the secret prisons are the most concrete proof of this triple attack.
It is enough to look at those who are put in these prisons. In these prisons are locked those who are against imperialist practices and who are against the annihilation of members of organisations proclaimed to be terrorists by black lists and anti-terror laws and against the annihilation of countries by embargo, war and occupation.
Even though Guantanamo is a symbol, today the secret prisons in all countries collaborating with the USA and the US prison ships on the oceans are an open threat to all people of the world. In this regard none of the existing international law institutions or its laws are a hindrance to these unlawful applications.
Prisons like Guantanamo are the politics of today, just as the unlawful nature of Guantanamo is the law of today. And there’s no law court that could condemn this illegality and make it take a step back. The UNO is under the control of the USA, the ICC (International Criminal Court) is not authorised to charge US citizens, there’s no international court to charge the US with war crimes and crimes against humanity…
Even if the European Union and its member states criticise the USA concerning Guantanamo with the pressure from public opinion, it was also proved by a research commission of the EU that they both gave space for secret prisons in their own country and that the transfer of “illegal” prisoners, described as “CIA flights”, were made with the knowledge of the governments of the EU member countries.
Besides these, the USA has legalised torture in the prisons a la Guantanamo. The fact is that torture, which is defined as a crime against humanity and is banned all over the world according to national and international laws, is actually a challenge to all the peoples of the world.
The message is clear: “I’m going to burn and destroy, occupy and rob all subterranean and surface sources of countries who do not accept that they are my slave; I’m going to kill and torture all who oppose me, not even giving them the right to a legal proceeding; I proclaim all organisations-institutions as terrorist according to my own wishes, and include them in black lists and all states have to obey me…” This is the open message.


Black lists and anti-terror laws were actually issued against those who struggle for rights and freedoms and against anti-imperialist circles in the own country. A few nationalist and religious groups who were included to these lists are for show and they serve to give credibility to the imperialist demagogy on terror.
The lists and the anti-terror laws which were made by the USA, have been forced upon and made to be accepted by all allies and collaborators.
And in general they were issued with the aim of militarising the economy; in order to grant the interest of the monopolies and ruling classes, who robbed the working class of economic, democratic, political and social rights they had gained by paying the price for them over hundreds of years. The real aim of the lists, which were prepared by constantly keeping on the agenda “terrorism” scares and the fear of “terrorists”, is the struggle for democratic rights and freedom. There’s a double role played with this lists and laws, which in the first stage were directed against Islamic “terrorists”.
First of all Islamophobia was created in Europe and the USA by presenting Muslims as the reason for all problems and poverty. In this way their own people could be turned towards fascism and reached in such a way that nobody would raise their voice against the deprival of democratic gains achieved in the past.
The second and current aim is to terrorise those circles who are opposed to their own system and who could unfurl the flag of rebellion against exploitation and to make them ineffective. Indeed, all that would be only possible by making the political climate. This is what the demagogy on terror and Islamophobia serves.

The black list practice first of all came about in the USA. After September 11 it was exported to Europe. In December 2001 also the EU allegedly released its own list also. But this list actually took form in May 2002. Finally, the view of Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen, that “the EU list should be a copy of the US list”, was accepted in a discussion on the black list prior to May 2002. The EU additionally extended the list including some groups like ETA and the Revolutionary Movement November 17, which are part of internal conflict, as well as a couple of individuals living in Europe. The black list alone couldn’t have any effect. Because the regulations in all EU countries were different. In order to overcome these problems of regulation and juridical disharmony, all the EU-countries had to release anti-terror laws and to make a common definition of terrorism. Today, this process is being quickly completed.
From now on, the results of these anti-terror laws are beginning to become visible.


Despite partial differences between these laws in the EU countries, they essentially aim at thoughts, the freedom of organisation and solidarity. Although even the anti-democratic laws of the existing fascist regime in collaborating neo-colonies like Turkey would be enough to strike a blow at rights and freedoms, there were released further complete anti-terror laws, parallel to the US Patriotic Act. For example, when the anti-terror law was released in Turkey, it also determined the penitentiary laws, starting from persecution of views to the curtailing of democratic rights, from the annihilation of the revolutionary movement to making isolation in the prisons a basis. That way, with multiplied political sentences and penitentiary practices completely against them, they’re punished three times more severely.
The same applications were also implemented in the EU member states. As a result of the reactionary politics, which were introduced with discourses on Islamist terror and the massacres in London and Madrid and over fears that were created within the public, crusades are started against all those accused of terrorism and attempts are made to punish them with isolation imprisonment for life.
The Terrorism Act 2000 and Terrorism Act 2001, issued by Britain, which doesn’t even have a constitution, have been openly and mainly implemented against refugees from all neo-colonial countries whose origins are Muslim. Leaning on these laws, the practice of isolation for life was begun against persons who were supposed to be “dangerous” to the public, denial due legal process and not even giving them the right for a trial.
Today, there is an unknown number of people, whose identity is unclear, imprisoned based on this law. Anyway, because of the interpretation that was made by Britain of the “right of trial” of the European Human Rights Convention since the beginning, legal barriers to the implementation of such a primitive law have been removed.
Even if the framework of the laws in the other EU countries is not so flexible as in Britain, the same illegality and arbitrariness are employed. In conformity with the new anti-terror law of the EU, new “crimes” and definitions of crimes like “terrorism” were applied:
Similar laws to the “defeatism law” in Italy are also spreading in Europe.
And its scope is extended from Islamic centres to anti-globalization and democratic circles. Because a subjective opinion such as “defeatism” includes everybody who doesn’t conform, there is unlimited freedom to use this to oppress the opposition.
According to the anti-terror law in Denmark, the solidarity with movements who carry out a legitimate struggle against fascist regimes is banned, and trials were recently started against Danish democrats who showed solidarity with revolutionary and democratic movements in countries like Colombia, Palestine, Turkey and Nepal.
The anti-terror law in the Netherlands even included the “idea of a terror action” to the scope of concrete preparation for a terrorist action, and applied punishments of up to eight years.
With the new Belgian anti-terror law, it was even proven in its first application, that its real target is freedom of thoughts and organisation. In the frame of the DHKC trial in Belgium, it was possible to give a five-year prison sentence, simply for the accused “making comments to a press institution in favour of a terrorist organisation which is blacklisted by the EU”.
France has in the past, anyway, never felt the need for an anti-terror law, but opened countless trials against structures with national demands, such as from the Basque Country and Corsica, and against people from Turkey and the Middle East. The presence of hundreds of political prisoners in France is anyhow clear proof for this practice.
The laws in Germany, which has got the oldest anti-terror laws in Europe, are better established and more cunning compared with the other EU countries. In addition, the scope of the laws in Germany directly targets democratic rights and freedoms.
But, because the case law was fixed in the past and because of the firmness of its structure it partly differs from the practices of the other EU countries.
For the EU countries didn’t put these laws into practice because of internal needs, but directly under orders from the USA, with its orders from above; the practice is completely full of  arbitrariness. These anti-terror laws which were put into force under today’s demagogies on terrorism, are not only in contradiction with every single country, but it also legally contradict international views, freedom of expression and organisation like the European Human Rights Convention, which is above national laws.
But the circles, groups and persons, on which these unlawful laws are applied with demagogies on “terrorism”, are completely isolated. The terrorist stamp is enough at this moment, to prevent these circles expressing themselves to the public.



The isolation practices against peoples and “unruly” countries are continued with embargos, war and occupation.
Additionally, there are built physical walls around people, who can’t be tamed by embargos, war and occupation, and countries are turned into an open prison.

This practice is not new. But for the past balance of forces in the world, its effects were a limited method to force them to capitulation. This is a very commonly used method by the USA, but not just directed against those who are proclaimed as enemies, but from time to time it is also practised in a more covert way against  “allies” whom it wants to enslave.
The most concrete example and at the same time the longest-term embargo is that against Cuba. In the scope of the embargo, which has continued for decades, everything, from medicine to the most necessary daily nutrition, is used as a weapon to make the Cuban people surrender.
Apart from Israel and the USA, all states within the UN have decided several times to remove the embargo. But the USA just ignores that and even shows the world who is “lord”.
The embargos, which are continued on all levels, economic, military, diplomatic and political, cost the lives of millions of people. According to official UN figures, the embargo that was applied against Iraq alone after the First Gulf War has caused the deaths of 1.5 million children, lacking medicine and nutrition. Harm of this dimension inflicted on a country with 10 million inhabitants, is not unique.
There was always one message given by the embargos, which were applied against North Korea, Libya, Syria, Iran, Palestine, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Yugoslavia and several African countries: “Either you’ll surrender, and then there won’t be a government desired by the people but it will be the government I wish, or you’ll die or lead a miserable life…”
This method is used against every country that doesn’t obey imperialism. The discourse is demagogical, as in every imperialist initiative: “Introduce democracy”.
Today, the US embargos are generally accepted without discussion by the UN, and countries which resist the US policies for this or that reason are surrounded by the whole UN and isolated.


Imperialism is lack of principles, all its values are exploitation and tyranny. It has carried out wars, the biggest crime against humanity, on numerous occasions against ten millions of people with the lie of “bringing democracy”.
For example, the aim of the Bay of Pigs invasion was to attack the people’s power and to establish a government of mafias, collaborators and fascists. This is the democracy that the USA understands in the case of Cuba.
For the sake of democracy, they also supported the destruction of the parliament bringing down the socialist government of Allende and its replacement with the fascist junta under Pinochet.
The same power, who first brought the Taliban, for the sake of democracy, to power in Afghanistan, later overthrew, again in the name of democracy, the Taliban government and tries to establish a new government, consisting of major landowners, drug mafias and other collaborators.
As if it was another imperialism, another USA, which prepared - from the second imperialist war to the ’90s - hundreds of military fascist juntas worldwide in the name of democracy and which did not even pretend to tolerate democracies, which banned any democratic right and condemned hundreds of millions of people to torture, massacre, disappearance, executions, imprisonment and exile.
For the existence of the socialist bloc has built a barricade to imperialist aggression, it had to avoid for a certain period an open policy of military occupation. Of course, also the uprisings of the people with national demands against the occupation during the nationalisation period played an important role in that. There are also national resistances of the people against occupation today. In order to overcome that, they try to achieve legitimacy for their new crimes of occupation, adding the demagogy of “war against terrorism” their waffle about “democracy” and, depending on the situation, they do it in the name of NATO, the UN or “multinational forces”.
The occupations today are carried out, relying on collaborating, outlawed forces which were created through the embargo and war.
Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq are the most concrete examples for it. Also Palestine and Lebanon should be regarded in the same way.



The monopolisation of the press in the unipolar world and its cartelisation under the control of US imperialism, creates a new and unreal situation.
Also during the Cold War, the press under control of the regimes played the same role.
But again, as a result of the balance of forces and the strength of the democratic movements in the countries under imperialist hegemony, just as the existence of revolutionary movements in the neo-colonialist countries, the power of the press belonging to the imperialist monopolies was affected and the distortion of reality to the extent it is today could be prevented.
As a result of the left movement losing influence in the whole world, reality was manipulated, and imperialism could attempt to impose its ideas through disinformation.
Throughout that period, the press adjusted to the new politics.
Meanwhile, the whole press all over the world started to write the same things, as though it all emerged from one mouth.
Even though it was proved later that the number of deaths in Ceausescu’s Romania, where they showed the morgue corpses as victims of repression, were lies, as were the pictures of the poor birds in the oil slick which were filmed allegedly in Iraq, although these pictures went all around the world, no self-criticism was made and the same style of Washington-based news commentary continued, accompanied by cameras fixed on “smart” missiles.
The embedded journalism, which was openly applied during the last war on Iraq, was the only prevailing journalism.
The most basic characteristics of this new journalism: Hiding reality behind strong censorship accompanied by lies and distortion.
Just as the real number of killed people during the last war on Iraq, which is 665,000 was hidden for years, the same denial is continuing today.
Arafat was surrounded with bandit methods in his base for hundreds of days, and he was not allowed to speak the truth. This siege and this isolation was carried out with the support of the press and censorship.
The Iraqi leadership couldn’t explain to anybody that it did not possess chemical or similar weapons.
It was completely isolated. And with this great censorship of the whole world press, Iraq was isolated and the war and occupation was realised step by step. The murder of 665,000 people was legitimized with censorship by the same press.
The Muslims living in the EU and USA, which were scape-goated by the neocons as the new enemies after September 11, have been presented as potential terrorists with the help of the same press.
In this framework, together with political reaction, the way for racist-fascist organisations was paved primarily by the politics of censorship.
There’s a new discourse established by the press: rogue state…
Well, who are these dangerous states: North Korea, Iran, Syria … then Sudan, Libya and even the collaborating ally Saudi Arabia…
The list is growing: Cuba, Venezuela… And what’s the scale of this danger: to refuse being a slave of US interests. When the “embedded” press monopolies today give news in regard to a country: “It doesn’t agree with the view of the USA on that question, so it is anti-democratic and dangerous…”.
But it is very easy to define what is danger. Danger is, what makes the entire people shed blood, what brings death with it. And it is the USA that does that. There’s no place in the world where it hasn’t shed blood yet and after the second imperialist war it attacked dozens of countries, in particular Korea, then Vietnam and Iraq. Where it wasn’t able to attack directly, it continued its massacres with fascist juntas and collaborating regimes. And without exaggeration, within that period it has caused the death of hundreds of millions of people, torturing them and removing democratic achievements.
The censorship of the press isn’t limited to hiding the human crimes of the USA. At the same time the censorship was used towards the human crimes of the local, regional collaborators of the USA, and there was the attempt to legitimise them.
Let’s have a look at the latest attacks on Gaza and Lebanon. The press has played the same role here as well. The first news is the taking hostage of three Israeli soldiers. Subsequently it was legitimised that Lebanon and Palestine were to be destroyed, that thousands of people were to be killed, dozens of parliamentary deputies and Palestinian-Lebanese citizens were kidnapped and taken hostage, that nuclear-chemical-biological weapons were used. Today the thousands of children, women and men, who – before the deputies and citizens who were kidnapped during the last war – have been held as hostage in the hands of Israel for years, still remain unmentioned, while the news about innocent Lance Corporal Gilat is dramatised and the whole reality is censored.
There isn’t even news about the death of 122 people in Turkey, who struggled against one of the latest export items of imperialism, the isolation cells, and about the nearly 600 prisoners who suffered irreparable damage within this resistance and through the forced feeding in attempts to interrupt their hunger strikes.
The struggle against the F-Type prisons finds daily support over six years through smaller or bigger actions. Without exaggeration, until today there have been carried out thousands or tens of thousands of actions. These actions in a democratic frame, were confronted with all kinds of anti-democratic attacks. Its participants were mistreated, interrogated under torture and imprisoned.
But the censoring press didn’t even give news on the deaths. Despite the voluntary censorship of the press, the state, in any case, even banned news on the Death Fast and gave an official character to censorship.
Today, they attempt to annihilate the resistance to F-Type prisons through ignorance and censorship. That kind of censorship is without doubt the case for the whole world.

The press of today has also undermined items like press freedom. All that they understand from press freedom is to carry on with their “embedded” journalism, to publish blackmailing news on Muslims which develops the racist movement; to present the revolutionary-democratic forces as being “terrorist”; to defend Americanism in the name of the world gendarme the USA; to take away the social-economic democratic rights achieved earlier and act as enemy of the working class;
To close the ears to the democratic demands of the people and applaud the so-called “democratization” of fascist regimes….
Well, is the situation of the press, which calls itself left or independent and even alternative, very different?
Indeed, there are visible clear differences. But if examined profoundly, this difference becomes blurred. Whatever circle it belongs to, may it call itself communist, socialist, anarchist, anti-fascist, environmentalist, anti-militarist, autonom or pro-independence, with some “exceptions”, they do not even see problems outside of what they see as “correct” worth accepting as news.
And in the nature of this press, there’s a certain effect of embedded journalism.
For example, since in countries like Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq the most important resistance forces are Islamic movements, they distance themselves from them. In an abstract way they are against the attacks on the Middle East, but also against the resisting forces. And although there’s no relation to that, they discuss anti-Semitism in the name of objectivity and also condemn the resisters.
Essentially, because they don’t accept that the struggle requires a price, they say they don’t agree with an action form like the Death Fast and therefore 122 deaths against the F-Type prisons are not reason for news. But there’s news value (!) concerning the Death Fast being wrong.
Concerning the anti-terror laws in their own country, which in reality target themselves, they play deaf and dumb. For they do not have any connection with the “terrorist” revolutionaries and “fanatic” Muslims who are the first victims of these laws. The “terror” demagogy created after September 11 is that strong; they do not want to take part or take position in any discussion which includes the word ‘terror’. And in order to become no target of the “war on terror” they stay distanced from those who are announced as “terrorists” and cut off existing relations. In Europe, the reactionary parties combine their racist politics with Islam, Islamic terror and speak about conformity and integration. Any negative news on foreigners is published in the press in an exaggerated form. That goes so far, that in public foreigners are shown as the only ones responsible for criminality. Because the left press in Europe can’t defend “criminality”, it either distances itself from the foreigners who are targeted by the fascist propaganda, or they describe the lack of education of foreigners as reason for that criminality and become another conduit for racist propaganda. Although there’s no integration problem caused by the migrants. The problem is the growing influence of racist and discriminatory politics on European people.



The regime press, which is today the mass media, is applying total censorship on the oppression, exploitation, embargo and boycotts, wars, occupations and the general and total attacks of imperialism on the people. At the same time it isolates and condemns the people and their struggle against fascism and imperialism.
The temporary tactical victory of imperialism will not last forever. The struggles of the people against tyranny and exploitation will always exist. The biggest weapon which is used against these just struggles is isolation. In order to break the isolation, which is used at all levels of life,  the revolutionaries in Turkey resist in the F-Type prisons, national movements in occupied territories of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine resist ignorance with national demands, the people of Cuba and Korea resist the embargo with great sacrifices.
To support these struggles, nobody has to carry out Death Fasts personally, nobody has to go and to fight against occupation or live without medicine or the conditions which were caused by the embargos. It would be even enough, if the isolation of these struggles by the oppressed people of the world is not accepted and if reality is accepted and reflected as it is. This is not just a historical task, but also a human responsibility.